You will love our jerky.

Mick’s Jerky is a wholly Australian family business that has been producing Beef jerky for Aussies and overseas for over 10 years. We use Premium Australian Free Range Grass fed topside beef that is hand sliced and marinated for 72 hours.

Three good reasons…

  • Free range top side beef with no additives
  • Secret marinade
  • Freshly made to order

Did you know…

Beef Jerky is astronaut food! NASA has been providing Space shuttle crews this lightweight high protein treat since the mid nineties. Traditionally meat was dried and/or smoked and/or salted.


Beef jerky is a perfect lightweight source of nutrition… ideal to add to your back pack when: traveling – fishing – boating – camping – hiking – at the bbq or just enjoying life having a beer with friends watching the footy and cricket.